On this day, Al- Razi University received the Preparatory Committee of the First National Conference of Quality, the visit headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mutareb and membership of Dr. Ghaleb Ahmed Alqans and Dr. Saleh AlKulaibi after invitation received by the University from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to post the university her experience at the side of quality as one of the leading universities in Yemen, which has a distinct experience in accreditation and quality assurance as the university dedicated a specialized quality management in the organizational structure and appointed Vice President of development, quality and community service which consist of quality center committees. The Committee Chairman expressed their gratitude and admiration for the experience of the university and thanked the leadership of the university and who are in charge of quality Department. Committee reviewed during the visit on the experience of Al-Razi University in quality and visited the University’s facilities and infrastructure. The committee were met by: Dr. Tariq Al-Nehmi – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Qais Al-Muhammadi – University President. Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Kuhlani – vice president Dr. Nabil Al-Rabeei – Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Dr. Rashad Al-Namer – Vice Dean. Dr. Mahmood Al-Nehmi – General secretariat Dr. Wadah Al-Asbahi – Director of Quality and Governance Center Dr. Zahra Faisal – Quality Coordinator. Dr. Ammar Alvebana – Registrar General Eng. Osama Al-Moaina – head of information Technology and communication Dep. Mr. Talal Zayed – Marketing and Media Manager Mr. Nabil Al-Akhram – Relations Manager. This visit comes in preparation for the university’s participation in the First National Conference of Quality.