Al-Razi University participated, Mr. Talal Zayed head of the community service unit, who represents the university  on the humanitarian seminar, on Thursday at the humanitarian symposium organized by For life Development in Yemen under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs &Labor.
Symposium on the status of the Directorate of Bani Sa’ad in Al- Mahweet province, which suffer from famine after the declaration of the authority of the province.

Directorate of Bani Sa’ad needs urgent relief assistance because the directorate is inhabited by more than 85 thousand people, most of whom suffer from poverty, disease and hunger.
Hence, we call upon all charitable and international humanitarian organizations and civil society organizations to intervene and lend a hand to this Directorate, which suffers from the disaster of famine and lives in tragic situations.

President of the Organization For Live, appealed  that, this symposium all institutions and charitable organizations in Yemen and businessmen and good to help in extending support to the Directorate of Bani Sa`ad, which hit the family with children and women, in addition to diseases and epidemics suffered by the majority of the population in the directorates.