The seminar of  the nursing students  group II was held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Research and Research Hall. Discussing the graduation research for the nursing students . Title of research (Knowledge of nursing staff towards handwashing procedures in public hospitals in Sana’a capital Sana’a) .

In presence of discussion and governance committee : Dr. Farouk Al-Shamairi, Nursing Program Officer, Department of Applied Medical Sciences, Faculty Member, Dr. Wadah Al-Asbahi, Faculty Member, Dr. Tariq Al-Nehmi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Qais Al-Mohammadi President of University, Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Kuhlani – Vice President and Dr. Nabil Al-Rabaie – Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and attended by a number of students’ parents.

The research was appreciated by the discussion and governance committee.

We wish the research group success in their lives.