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6 Best Online Russian Courses to Master the Language Easily

6 Best Online Russian Courses to Master the Language Easily

Russia is an exciting land full of fascinating people and culture. It is the birthplace of Vodka and the Red Army choir, among other cool inceptions. Learning Russian can help you further explore such an enigmatic society.  we have gathered a list for you of the top 10 places to learn Russian online. Keep reading to find out the absolute best platform to learn Russian online.

Learn Russian with paid and free online courses from YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare and other top learning platforms around the world. Read reviews to decide if a class is right for you

1. Amazing Talker

They also have a great filtering system to help narrow down your search to a specific tutor that matches your needs.

Great variety of exceptional tutors that offer personalized lessons tailored to your needs. They have an AI-based tutor matching system to help pair you with an ideal tutor who will personalize your lessons according to your learning needs and capacities.  Amazing Talker provides a wide range of tutors to teach you Russian in 1-on-1 private classes online. Flexible scheduling and booking of lessons. Affordable pricing of lessons by tutor’s rates.

2. Grammar Hero (Russian)

Whatever common questions you have about this language, Grammar Hero will answer your questions and concerns.

This program focuses on typical issues with Russian grammar and helps you overcome your challenges with mastering this language. Grammar Hero is a program that offers Russian instruction as well as other languages to learn. This platform provides story-based teaching processes to clarify some of the more complex grammatical aspects of the Russian language.

3. Preply

 Preply is an online language learning platform that offers a great list of tutors that balance out in native and specialist speakers. They have an active offer to Book your 1st lesson within 48 hours to get 20% off.

The tutors offer quality and engaging lessons at affordable hourly rates, making each lesson have great value for money. There is a good filtering system to help you streamline your search to an ideal tutor that matches your budget, time and other needs. Great variety of Native and Specialist Language teachers with specialized lessons

Preply also focuses on specialized lessons with cultural elements incorporated to help you learn Russian with more context and practicality for usage in various daily situations.

4. Wyzant

Wyzant offers private, 1–on–1 lessons with the ideal tutor of your choice. They have a great filtering system that let’s you specify your needs of time zone, your requirements of a tutor, your age and other details before matching you with a list of compatible tutors.

They have great confidence in themselves for finding the best tutor to match your needs and if they cannot, they guarantee to give you your first one hour listen completely free.

5. Russian Land Club

They even offer a comprehensive 2-week speaking course to help you develop your communication skills fast. Russian Land is a well-known site for online Russian tutoring that has been around for a while. There are a few course types to choose from such as beginner courses and 90-minute intensive courses.

It offers online classes in Russian via Skype and also some specialized courses too

These courses range in proficiency levels and all contain specific grammar and vocabulary lessons as well.

6. Take Lessons

They currently have a March special for taking your first lesson and pay only $1 for it.

Take Lessons is an online learning platform powered by Microsoft and has more than 300 subjects offered by over 5,000 experts.

Their Russian tutors are very experienced and native speakers that offer affordable rate depending on the length, ensuring there is an option that fits your budget.

It provides private 1-on-1 lessons and online group classes as well.

There are qualified and trusted tutors available that you can even do background checks on to verify their competence, qualifications and experience. 

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