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The 10 Best Youtube Channels For Learning Russian

The 10 Best Youtube Channels For Learning Russian

Here’s a roundup of some of the best online resources for learning Russian so you can cut through the noise and get to work! Language learning in the 21st century is a gift and a curse.

On the other hand, there are so many resources popping up every day that it’s hard to know which ones are worth it.

On the one hand, the internet can connect you to native speakers and show you new and innovative ways to learn your target language.

1) R is for Russian

R is for Russian will help you work on all aspects of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This is another channel that links music and language learning. So if you’re having trouble with reflexive verbs, try learning them through song! There are video playlists for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners.

2) Antonia Romaker

On the Russian side, she has over 20 videos about traveling to and around Russia, detailed pronunciation videos, and grammar lessons.

This channel is actually a mix of English- and Russian-language resources.

3) Mosfilm

It offers a comprehensive list of HD films and subtitled films organized by genres that include drama, adventure, New Years’ and more. With over 235 million views, Mosfilm is the most popular Russian film channel on YouTube.

4) RU Land Club

Some of the more fun offerings include a Russian-subtitled version of the 2005 hit movie “Stilyagi”, drone and timelapse videos of Russian cities, and classic cartoons. This channel is geared toward learners of all levels, from the newbie to the more advanced student. This is truly a fantastic way to enjoy learning!From instagram videos to Russian literature presentations, RU Land Club has something for everyone.

5) Russian Grammar

There are even some videos that go along with the popular Russian textbook, Golosa which makes this channel a great resource for students. Some of the topics include those tricky verbs of motion, commands, conditional statements and more.

This channel is dedicated completely to the beast that is Russian grammar.

6) Real Russian Club

She even has videos where she explores booking train tickets online and typical Russian hospitals. Hosted by Daria, a certified Russian language teacher from Moscow, this channel has grammar and vocabulary lessons, pronunciation trainers, listening comprehension exercises and more. This channel is especially helpful for anyone who’s getting ready to visit Russia for the first time!

Her videos are all in slow, clearly enunciated Russian and you can turn on English subtitles if you need to.

7) RussianPod101

Their website has PDF resources, ready-made flashcards, listening comprehension exercises and more. For ten years, RussianPod101 has been a leader in the online language-learning community. Plus, the videos are hosted by different speakers which helps you get accustomed to various accents.

If you go to their YouTube channel, you’ll find playlists for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced students.   

They boast over 1000 quality Russian-language video and audio resources.

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